An Important Note for All PTOY Token Holders

In the security review portion of his audit, the PTOY token auditor advised us to implement an attack mitigation code on the PTOY token contract. This mitigation code was preventative in nature (no issues were found with the PTOY token itself). Unfortunately, this resulted in a bug that rendered tokens contained in multi-sig wallets non-transferable. […]

Exchanges PTOY is Traded On

We’ve had a lot of people ask about the exchanges PTOY is traded on. Please find them listed below: Bittrex Liqui EtherDetla TokenMarket HitBTC ICObazaar DecentrEx Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Announcing the Patientory Icon Design Contest

Do you have design skills? Let’s see them! We’re calling on YOU to submit an icon design for Patientory for a chance to receive 100 PTOY! As you can see from the example below, most cryptocurrencies simply use their company logo. We thought it would be fun to open our icon design to the community. […]

How Much PTOY Did You Purchase?

Many people who participated in the pre-sale and/or the crowd sale have been asking us how much PTOY they purchased. We’re providing the calculation here. Please note: this has also been added to the FAQ. First, it should be noted that you should see the amouint you purchased in your wallet. What you see in your wallet does reflect your bonus. […]

Patientory Raises $7.2 Million USD to Transform Healthcare

1728 Individual Participants Contribute in “Democratized” Funding Model ATLANTA, USA – JUNE 3, 2017 – Patientory, the leading healthcare cybersecurity startup, announced it had raised $7.2 million USD in a successful crowd sale. Driven by 1728 investors, the company reached its funding goal in only three days. The funds raised will be used to officially […]

We Did It!

At 13:30 EDT (17:30 UTC) on June 3, 2017, we’re thrilled to announce the Patientory crowd sale is fully subscribed! We raised $7.2 million USD (based on current ETH value) and issued 70 million PTOY. With 1728 investors, that’s more than 40,000 PTOY per investor! Crowd Sale Statistics The screenshot below is a frozen snapshot […]

7 Things to Love About Patientory

This is a purchasers critique and analysis of the Patientory project during the Patientory Token Sale: The code is not on github because they are using closed source code for their product. This is completely unfamiliar to most ETH and BTC folks because we’re used to code being open sourced. Patientory is choosing a different path, […]

The Medical Futurist: “Medical Data is the New Credit Card Number”

The Medical Futureist has a great overview and analysis of digital privacy in healthcare, with special emphasis on cybersecurity and ransomware. This section in particular caught our attention: Medical data is the new credit card number While on the one hand, healthcare is getting democratized through digital health, meaning we have a chance to live longer and […]

Healthcare Cybersecurity Cost to Reach $10.84B

Here’s one big reason the cost of your healthcare is rising. We’re here to help it go the other way. Learn more:

Blockchain App Puts An End To Medical Records Being Held To Ransom

Patientory is urging citizens around the globe to unlock their health data with blockchain ATLANTA, USA (PRWEB) MAY 16, 2017 – As medical records across England’s National Health Service were locked down and held to ransom following Friday’s wide scale cyber attack, leading blockchain startup, Patientory is urging citizens around the globe to unlock their […]