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Industry-leading organizations have joined Patientory to develop an enterprise-grade, cross-industry open platform for distributed ledgers.

Join your industry peers in helping build and shape the ecosystem for Patientory technologies, use cases and applications. Unite with other global leaders in Healthcare, Cybersecurity, Health Information Exchange, EHR systems and Technology to transform the way healthcare data is managed.

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Your company can join Patientory at the below membership levels. All pricing is based on annual membership fees.

Premier Member $250,000 (USD)
General Member $50,000 (USD): 5,000 and above

$30,000 (USD): 2,000 – 4,999

$20,000 (USD): 500 – 1,999

$10,000 (USD) – 50 – 499

$5,000 (USD) – Less than 50


(Pre-Approved Non-Profits, Open Source Projects and Government Entities)


Note: Patientory membership also requires companies to be a corporate member of The Patientory Foundation.

Interested in becoming a corporate member? Simply fill out the form below, and you will be contacted within two business days.

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